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Agilia SP PCA

Agilia SP PCA is The Agilia pump for Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA). Agilia Connect is as intuitive as ever & now comes with embedded WiFi. Latest standards enable cyber secure communication

  • Agiliar SP PCA proposes 4 PCA modes to accommodate every protocol

    • PCA bolus only

    • Continuous rate mode

    • PCA bolus + Continuous rate mode

    • PCA bolus + Variable rates

  • Easy to Use

    • Detailed history​

    • Simple menu & easy loading dose & clinician bolus set up

    • Monitoring at glance

  • Safe

    • Full syringe protection with key lock to complete safe self-administration​

    • keypad protection by password to avoid overdose 

    • can be used in general infusion mode with secured hardware & software protection of the pump

    • possibility to lock the pump to the pole

  • Ergonomic handset​​

  • Vigilant Master Med

    • DERS ( Dose Error Reduction Software)​

    • Web application for multi-point access

    • Dataset capability up to 10,000 drugs

    • Configurable infusion modes

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