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Mechanical Ventilation | Inspiratory


Puritan Bennet™ 840 Ventilator

Puritan Bennet™ 940 Ventilator

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Puritan Bennet™ 940 Ventilator

The new PB™ 940 Ventilator enables patients to breath more naturally throughout some of the most innovative breath delivery technology available. Advanced synchrony tools adapt to your patient's unique needs & provides the appropriate level of support thoughout the breath, from initiation to completion. The ventilator conducts hundreds of calculations every 5 milliseconds to stay in tune with patient's demand, helping to ensure that patients receive the flow & volume they want-when they want it- from breath to breath


    • Innovative user interface with highly customizable display with intuitive screen navigation

  • SAFE

    • new design provides unique ventilator assurance features & integrated expiratory filtration system (heated expiratory filters)


    • Proportional Assist™* Ventilation Plus (PAV™*+) Software delivers positive airway pressure that is proportional to your patients inspiratory efforts during spontaneous breathing

    • Advanced synchrony tools help clinicians set the ventilator to adapt to their patients unique needs & provide appropriate level of support throughout the breath (VV+)

    • Leak Sync software helps prevent auto-triggering & asynchrony caused by leaks


    • NeoMode 2.0 software - helps clinicians provide ventilatory support to neonates weighing as little as 300gms by delivering tidal volumes as small as 2ml​

    • Noninvasive software - allows versatile options including noninvasive SIMV & CPAP

    • Bi-level software - permits spontaneous breathing at all times & supports biphasic or airway pressure release ventilation for extra flexibility

    • Proximal Flow Sensor - measures lower flows, pressures & tidal volumes right at the patient wye in neonate applications

    • Volume Control Plus - enables patient to take spontaneous breaths to achieve a targeted tidal volume & pressure is automatically adjusted

    • Respiratory Mechanics software - enables monitoring of key respiratory parameters for easy assessment of patient status

    • Tube Compensation software - accurately overcomes the work of breathing imposed by the artificial airway

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