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Mechanical Ventilation | Inspiratory


Puritan Bennet™ 840 Ventilator

Puritan Bennet™ 940 Ventilator

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Puritan Bennet™ 840 Ventilator

The PB™ 840 Ventilator manages a patient's work of breathing & supports more natural breathing compared to conventional mechanical ventilation

  • Patient Safety 

    • Alarm Systems​

    • High Efficiency Filters

    • Self-Diagnostic testing work in concert for effective & efficient ventilation

  • Medical Efficacy

    • Intuitive user interface​ & DualView LCD Touch Screen

    • Noninvasive Ventilation (NIV) Mode

    • Optional custom software, clinician support & accessible technical support

    • Proportional Assist™* Ventilation Plus (PAV™*+) Software delivers positive airway pressure that is proportional to your patients inspiratory efforts during spontaneous breathing

    • Volume Ventilation Plus (VV+) offers improved comfort & synchrony while maintaining targeted tidal volumes with minimal required pressure

    • Bi-Level mode | Leak Compensation | Tube Compensation | Trending software

  • Healthcare Efficiency

    • Customisable advanced technology in supporting patient-ventilator synchrony.​

    • Improved patient-ventilator synchrony show results in facilitating spontaneous breathing, reducing days on ventilation, patient costs & risk associated with mechanical ventilation

    • PB™ 806 Compressor (optional) - alternative air source

    • PB™ Ventilator Cart (optional)

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