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Established since 1999, our experience in handling Medical Devices & Equipment in Healthcare adhere to all protocols & training requirements according to Principals under our assignment.

Our Solutions

  • Experience & Expertise in the overall technical service management

  • Good coverage all over Malaysia

  • Standardized workshop with calibrated test tools

  • Reducing Principal's cost of investment in technical teams outsource, workshops & test tools

  • Minimizing products breakdown time

  • Digital solutions via website for servicing calls, record & logs

General Services

  • Our general Technical Service Department provides

    • Incoming & Outgoing Inspection
      ​Installation Testing & Commissioning

    • Warranty Service & Warranty Breakdown Repair

    • Post Warranty Breakdown Repair

    • Contract Service

    • Principal Consignment Unit

Invoicing, Tendering & Replenishing

  • Phone call response within 4 hours after recieving complaint breakdown call

  • On-site response within Klang Valley is less than 24 hours after complaint breakdown call

  • Outside Klang Valley area, response time is within 24-48 hours depending on location

Principal Reports

  • Monthly Install Base & Warranty Service Report

  • Monthly Contract Service Report

  • Daily | Weekly | Monthly Breakdown Call Report

  • Online real-time report for Principals registered with our Digital Solutions via website. ( supported by Pacifica Media Agency)

Storage & Repair Facility

  • Storage facilities & insurance coverage for equipment & spare parts

  • Full records kept by catalogue numbers & names of all end users of all products (database)

  • Annual stock take & monthly cycle count

  • Segregation of repair items & tools for ease in identification & sorting

Invoicing, Tendering & Replenishing

  • Total solutions provider in

    • Invoicing​ 

    • Tendering

    • AR

    • Collection

    • Replenishing stock levels (order)

    • Payroll

  • Different Principals with different requirements are able to customize their logistics solution package with us


Warranty Service & Warranty Breakdown Repair
Post Warranty Breakdown Repair & Product Recall
Capture Contract
& Contract Service
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