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The 360 degree intensive care model, ELEGANZA 4 is designed to improve early mobility in your unit. Supports physiotheraphy with regular repositioning, lateral tilt positioning & improved outcomes for patient independance while reducing risk of nurse / healthcare staff back injuries in mobilizing patient.

  • Lateral Tilt® (ALT Theraphy)

    • ​unique design feature to support Early Mobility Programme,

    • open architecture mattress platform based therapy for patients unable to tolerate manual turning (passive or active)

  • Mobilift® technology

    • ​30° or 45° stop button, ergonomic Mobirails handrail

    • Cardiac Chair

    • Orthnopnoeic Chair

    • Reverse Trendelenburg

  • Hands-free additional foot control & electric extender  with mechanical protector against accidental activation

    • bed height adjustment & easy access to patient for hygiene needs, wound care & examinations.

  • Ergoframe® positioning system extends the space in the pelvic area, significantly reducing tissue compression & development of pressure ulcers

  • Active mattress Virtuoso

    • ​3 cell technology mimics body's natural movement & prevents pressure damage

    • 4 modes: therapeutic, static, assessment & transport mode

  • Automatic in-bed integrated scales

    • ​actual weight of patient, changes in time

    • includes system for addition / removal of accessories.

  • Equipped with bed exit alarm & i-Brake - automatic activates brake after plug-in

  • EMR ready, easy cleaning & easy infection control

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