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LTSF Series


The LTSF Series - Matachana Low Temperature Steam and Formaldehyde (LTSF)

Using only 2% formaldehyde, the LTSF is the fastest technology to sterilize complex heat sensitive medical devices; such as long multiple channels endoscopes due to the proven high penetration capability of its sterilant that can complete a complete cycle of ºC in an average of just 90 minutes and 78ºC in an average of 70 minutes.


  • Gentle with the medical devices and  safe for the operators, patients and environment as it complies with the most demanding international standards.

  • No need special room conditions. It is available in 1 or 2 doors and can be installed next to the high temperature steam sterilizer to keep the most effected workflow in a CSSD/RUMED

  • LTSF sterilizing solution : 36 months expiry date

  • Speed : 12 kg treated in 90 mins

  • This cycle time turns the 130LF into the fastest on the market

  • Penetrability: The penetrating power makes it possible to sterilize complex, multichannel cannulated instruments up to 3 metre in length and 0.5 mm in internal diameter

  • More delicate with instruments compared to other low temperature sterilization systems

  • The e-bag sterilizing solution has a shelf life of 36 months for greater flexibility in inventory management

  • Safety: Safe handling of the sterilizing solution, 2% de formaldehyde only & integrated osmosis system for an optimal rinsing

  • Intuitive EasyRUN user interface

  • Ergonomics: Automatic bag perforation system, extensible & removable shelves for ease & flexibility during the loading process

  • Built-in themal printer

  • Large capacity internal memory with a track record of the last 1000 cycles

  • USB port that allows backup of cycle logs

  • Ethernet port for connection to monitoring & traceability software

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