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MAT LD1000


The MAT LD 1000 thermal washer-disinfector has been specially designed for use in sterilization centrals as well as in a surgical block or other departments, or care centers where decontamination of materials is required. Our MAT LD1000 model combines innovation, technology & ergonomics with the reliability, functionality & performance characteristic of MATACHANA equipment

  • Compact surface of only 820mm x 1995mm x 936mm

  • Up to 18 baskets of 1/1 DIN in 6 levels

  • 25 litres of water per phase, reduced chemicals consumption

  • Minimization of water & energy consumption, achieving cost savings per cycle & an increase in daily productivity

  • Rack recognition & automatic cycle start using RFID wireless technology

  • Dosing monitoring with flowmeters

  • EasyRUN user interface & 7" touch screen integrated in the frontal panel

  • Door locking system that prevents simultaneous opening

  • Ergonomic loading height

  • Low noise level

  • Installation under NULLGAP format, that allows to install up to 2 MAT LD100 washer disinfectors in 2 metres wide

  • Environmentally friendly thanks to the control of variables & cycle parameters that optimize the consumption of water, energy & chemicals

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