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The MAT SC500 Sterilizers have been designed taking into account the real needs of today's hospital sterilization centrals as in surgical units, outpatient centres, outsourced sterilization services & etc. Bringing you the latest technological breakthroughs in terms of sustainability, energy efficiency & process control

  • Technology: new control system more powerful & modern. TFT touch screen for loading area with integrated PLC as well as register PLC (ensure independant readings between temperature & pressure. Frontal made of an innocative material that prevents dirt & reflections. Easy to clean. Frontal backlit indicator icons that show the status of the sterilizer

  • Ergonomics: more accessible displays with a modern & versatile interface

  • Sustainability: energy & water consumption reduced thanks to incorporated economizer systems

  • Efficiency: redesigning of vacuum system by Venture ensuring a low water consumption

  • Compatibility: perfect drying tested with the most demanding packaging on the market

  • Connectivity: ready to connect with the most usual management & traceability systems via Etherent port

  • Comfort: new range of more functional accessories, adapted to the loading requirements

  • Accessibility: full circuits and components redistribution that facilitates the accessibility of the Technical Service for easy maintenance procedures

  • Remote diagnosis: remote connection via Ethernet port to know the sterilizer's condition and enable the Technical Support Service to diagnose incidences/ failures remotely for faster solution

  • Accessories

    • Loading/ unloading trolly

    • 2-tray loading structure

    • Loading platform

    • Stainless steel basket

    • Set of chamber shelves (lower & intermediate level)

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