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Nasal Mask N20

N20 Classic

88% of patients ranked AirFit N20 higher in comfort over market-leading nasal masks. One cushion. A range of technological advances for comfort & stability

  • Innovative InfinitySeal loops

    • Adapt to each patient's individual features to ensure a robust seal regardless of facial type or mask movement​

  • Adaptive folds

    • Accomodate a wide range of nasal shapes & sizes by curving to the profile of each wearer to maintain seal​

  • Supportive side padding

    • Nestles alongside the wide cheek area for added stability & coverage​

  • Flexible undercushion

    • Buffers the cheeks with contoured silicone to ensure a good seal around each nasal crease​

  • Soft top lip envelope

    • Gently tapers to ease the pressure around the upper lip for a relaxed & natural feel​

  • Spacious top lip area​​

    • Provides ample clearance space for the mouth & lips to comfortably move​

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