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Do You Have Sleep Apnea? Find out here & how you can

Sleep Apnea

Download & try myNight app on iOS & Android to find out!

Find out if you or your partner’s snoring is impacting on your sleep quality. There’s nothing to wear or place under your mattress or pillow - just the myNight App and your Smartphone.

How it works

Combined with a short questionnaire, myNight monitors your breathing patterns while you sleep, and will calculate the risk level your snoring may be putting you at. It also measures any breathing pauses that may occur during the night.

Snoring is caused by the restriction of airflow through your nose, throat and airways. Using just your smartphone microphone and speaker capabilities to track and measure your breathing, myNight assess the impact snoring is having on your sleep quality.

• Non-invasive application to identify snoring levels

• Backed by science, so you can feel confident about the accuracy of results

• Discover your risk factors and learn how you can reclaim your sleep quality

• Nothing to lose and everything to gain with the free Smartphone app

Don’t ignore the snore! The myNight app can help you reclaim your sleep to awaken your best again

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