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Our transport stretcher. SPRINT 100 has the world's first IV poles with integrated push handles. hospital ward & long term care units. Model has a simple construction with a wide range of features & functions delivered at a low cost, providing customers with great value for money. As a result, this model has above-standard features & sophisticated functions available to a large variety of customers.

  • IV & Drive

    • ​can be positioned at all 4 corners; safe & practical with telescopic poles & lower stretcher position. 

  • Cardiac chair

    • ​hydraulic system for chair / flat positioning

  • FlexiDrive

    • ​retractable 5th castor with spring for shock absorption

    • fully compatible with C-Arm & X-Ray devices

    • easy deployment & retractability to the undercarriage

  • SoftDrop siderails

    • with release from both ends, long for extra safety

  • EasyBrake

    • ​accessible from head & foot ends, can be fitted with additional brakes to the sides.

    • Easy brake release by pushing down only

  • Advanced mattress options (no fastening)

  • Adjustable bed positions:

    • CardiacChair, passive leg raise

    • Fowler position

    • full vascular position

  • Easy cleaning with smooth round surfaces preventing fluid ingression

  • Safe backrest handle preventing injuries during a raise

  • Accessible hanging points

  • Color scheme can be individually customized for different departments

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