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ZOLL AED 3 Specifications

The ZOLL AED3 is equipped with Real CPR Help & CPR Dashboard to let professional rescuers know, in real time, when they're in compliance with the Guidelines.

  • Features

    • The CPR Uni-padz Electrodes sense & report the motion of rescuers chest compressions to the AED

    • During adult & paediatric CPR, the CPR Dashboard shows elapsed time since power on, remaining time countdown for current CPR cycle, number of shocks delivered, the patient current ECG in real time & depth of chest compressions

    • Push the Child button for paediatric rescue & experience the first and only AED to provide paediatric CPR feedback

    • During adult CPR, voice & text prompts also let rescuers know when to 'Push Harder' & when they are doing 'Good Compressions'

    • The metronome detects compressions & keeps the metronome sounding at 100 beats per minute in both adult & paediatric rescues ​

    • The Shock button is armed & ready to shock 8 seconds after stopping CPR (with fresh battery)

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