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ZOLL AED PLUS Specifications

The ZOLL AED Plus is easy & equipped with Real CPR Help technology. A sensor in the pads attached to patient lets the AED see each chest compression & guides to recommended depth & rate of compressions.​

  • Real CPR Help

    • Adaptive metronome detects compression rate & guides rescuer to at least 100 per minute

    • Audio & text prompts relay compression quality

    • Compression depth bar gauge shows depth of each compressions in real time

  • Models 

    • Fully automatic 

    • Semi-automatic

  • Accessories & Maintenance

    • 5-Year Shelf Life

    • Warranty of 5 + 2 years (opt) from ZOLL

    • CPR-D-Padz / Pedi-Padz II

    • 123 Lithium Batteries

    • 7/9"Standard Wall Cabinet (optional)

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