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PersonalBest® enables user to monitor lung function. Help patients keep asthma under control when used with an asthma action plan

  • 3 zone system for easy & objective way of monitoring asthma control

    • Comply with treatment regimens with color-coded indicators

    • Delineation adjustments with green, yellow & red zones​ based on personal best peak flow

  • Fold out handle keep the hand away from airstream, aiding accurate peak flow readings

  • Compliant with international ISO Standard

  • Full & low range options for accuracy

    • Full (60-810L/min)​

    • Low (50-390 L/min)

  • Sterilizable for ultimate hygiene

  • Safety mouthpiece for extra hygiene

    • Reduce risk of cross-contamination during multi-patient screening​

    • One-way valve prevents patient from inadvertently breathing air through meters during peak expiratory flow rate testing

  • Quality inspection ensures accuracy & reproducibility - assured for 2 years

  • Built-in handle for easy grip

  • NAEPP standards safeguards quality

  • 1 year warranty for unconditional replacement (FOC by Respironics)

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