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Drug Delivery | Oxygen | IMT & PEP


The EverFlo® is the smaller, lighter oxygen concentrator from PHILIPS. EverFlo® sleek, ergonomic design makes it easier to store, move & carry and is one of the quietest & most energy efficient devices available today. 

OptiChamber Diamond Asthma.jpg
OptiChamber® Diamond

OptiChamber® Diamond is the new, smaller, anti-static valved holding chamber (VHC) that helps you get your inhaler into your lungs

Innospire Elegance 1.jpg
InnoSpire® Elegance

InnoSpire® Elegance Compressor is designed to cope with frequent use & combined with SideStream Reusable nebulizer & can be used continuously

InnoSpire® Mini

InnoSpire® Mini is an ideal travelling companion, its compact size allows for easy transport while a breath-enhanced reusable nebulizer makes it easy to use & get therapy wherever patients are

SideStream Mask 1.jpg

SideStream technology is proven effective and faster treatment time with the nebulizers 

Philips Cough Assist E70.jpg
The Cough Assist E70

The Cough Assist E70 provides an effective yet remarkably gentle non-invasive alternative for use in the hospital and at home. Cough Assist therapy clears airways for longer periods of time than tracheal suctioning, and with fewer complications.

InnoSpire® Deluxe

InnoSpire® Deluxe is a reliable & easy to use compressor nebulizer system suitable for nebulizing most aerosol medications prescribed for common respiratory diseases.


SimplyGo® is PHILIPS first oxygen concentrator that offers the benefits of a continuous flow mode in a light-weight, easy to carry design of 4.5 kg. Offers a solution that fulfills effective oxygen therapy needs & the flexibility

Phillips Threshold IMT.jpg
Threshold® IMT

Threshold® IMT (Inspiratory Muscle Trainer) provides consistent & specific pressure for inspiratory muscle strength & endurance training -regardless of how quickly or slowly the user breathes

Phillips Threshold Pep jpg.jpg
Threshold® PEP

Threshold® PEP (Positive Expiratory Pressure) device can be used for airway clearance & bronchial hygiene

PersonalBest 1.jpg

PersonalBest® enables user to monitor lung function. Help patients keep asthma under control when used with an asthma action plan

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