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SimplyGo® is PHILIPS first oxygen concentrator that offers the benefits of a continuous flow mode in a light-weight, easy to carry design of 4.5 kg. Offers a solution that fulfills effective oxygen therapy needs & the flexibility

  • 6 pulse settings & 2PLM continuous flow oxygen in 10 pounds

  • 5 pulse settings in 5 pounds

  • easy to use - non medical designs that plug into any AC or DC power source

  • the only POC to offer both continuous flow & pulse-dose delivery in a single device weighing 10 pounds only

  • comply with all FAA acceptance criteria for POCs

  • provides independence & freedom for COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) patients 

  • detects each breath intake & delivers the oxygen delivery accordingly

  • Sleep mode - pulse mode with increased detection sensitivity to sense breath intake more accurately at night.

  • Automatically switches to the last continuous flow setting used if no breath is detected after a period of time

  • 15000 hours of compressor lifetime, subjected to to extreme conditions of impact, vibrations & temperature extremes in performance test

  • no preventive or patient maintenance

  • intuitive control panel

  • several operating alarms that allow for performance monitoring

  • simple to replace / remove rechargeable battery

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