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SideStream technology is proven effective and faster treatment time with the nebulizers 

  • SideStream Nebulizers

    • Faster drug output for faster treatment times​​

    • Deliver 2.5 mg of drug output within 7 minutes so patients can spend more time on normal activities

    • Venturi System enhances output (90% of drug output volume is below 5 microns in size)

    • Speeds up treatment by using 5 aerosol-producing jet holes instead of 1

    • Additional flow to patient of up to 16lpm above compressor output

    • Other traditional nebulizers are limited to the compressor flow output

  • Reusable SideStream

    • Use for 6 months before replacement​

    • Minimal administrative effort

  • Disposable SideStream 

    • Less expensive ​

    • Used in same manner as Reusable

    • Not more than 2 weeks

  • SideStream Plus

    • Easy action inspiratory valve ​boosts drug delivery

    • Less pressure to open the vertical inspiratory valve - easy-action mechanism

    • Valve opens on inspiration to boost medication delivery & closes on exhalation

    • Preserving medication & reducing waste

    • Reusable nebulizer features proven 5-jet Venturi design

    • Easy to use - fewer parts to assemble / clean

    • High respirable fraction & shortens treatment time

    • Excellent performance in particle size, respirable fraction, treatment time & exhaled waste

    • Fits under mask - easier for pediatric & elderly

    • Modern handle design & angled mouthpiece for more comfort

  • SideStream Masks

    • Specially designed patient masks for adult & pediatric recommended for use with above nebulizers ​

    • To enhance drug delivery

    • Reusable masks are contoured to fit the face

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